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Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles are textiles used for specific applications in agriculture or in industries like automobile, aviation, civil engineering, chemical, electrical, leather, medical, transportation or for environmental protection. The main features of technical textiles are rated on specific performance parameters and not on aesthetics.

Jute fibre has some unique physical properties like high tenacity, bulkiness, sound & heat insulation property, low thermal conductivity, antistatic property etc.  Due to these qualities, jute fibre is more suited for the manufacture of technical textiles in certain specific areas. Moreover, the image of jute as a hard and unattractive fibre does not affect its usage in technical textiles.

Although at present the use of jute fibres in technical applications is limited, its use for manufacturing technical textiles is expected to increase significantly in the near future.

Recent developments in the manufacture of high performance technical textiles using jute.

Now a days, jute is being used in high performance applications, like protective textiles, structural composites and automotive textiles.

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