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Jute Geotextiles

Jute geotextile is one of the most important diversified jute products with a potentially large-scale application. It can have several applications as: soil erosion control, vegetation consolidation, agro-mulching, reinforcement, and protection of riverbanks & embankments, land reclamation and in road pavement construction.

The demand for jute geotextiles is increasing in various parts of the world. However, absence of adequate awareness and standards and specifications seem to be affecting the possible expansion of the market.

The distinguishing features that make geotextiles more eco-friendly are:

High moisture absorption capacity


Drainage properties
Advantages of jute geotextiles :

Abundant availability

Superior drapability

Greater moisture retention capacity

Lower costs compared to synthetic gotextiles

Ease of installation

Bio-degradable properties

Methods for producing different types of jute-geotextiles have already been devised by blending jute with other natural fibers with definite proportions and fabricated in definite pattern. Jute-geotextiles are further treated with locally available chemicals according to need and life span. They can be made biodegradable on a longer time-frame and water resistant in nature, particularly suitable for rainfed, flood affected climatic condition.

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