Jute Diversified Products  
Floor Coverings

From the conventional carpet backing cloth, jute has moved up the value chain and is being used to make attractive floor coverings. Consumer preference is also shifting away from synthetics to natural floor coverings. Jute woven and piled/tufted carpets have found a niche market. With some more attention to consumer preferences, improvements in dyeing and processing and market development, this segment is poised to grow. A traditional jute mat known as “Satranji”* has also received much acclaim from the consumers and has a large market potential.

Floor coverings like piled/tufted carpet, rugs, runners, mats, mattings, braided mats, durries etc. of jute alone or blended with other textile fibres are  now increasingly being used.

Jute nonwovens and composites are also being used as floor coverings including high loft underlay, substrate for linoleum, backing for stick-down carpet tiles, specialized underlay for wood block floorings etc.

* Satranji is a mat of various designs and sizes, made of dyed jute yarns.  It is woven in handloom.

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