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      Investment Opportunity   

  Title : Manufacture of Jute Blended Cost Effective Blankets
  Capacity :

1.8 lakhs – 2.1 lakhs Pieces of Blanket per annum (93”x70”,93”x53”) at an average 70% capacity utilization.

  Indicative Project Cost : 20,000,000 Tk (Bangladesh)
  Project Brief :

Technology for manufacture of Jute /Acrylic or Jute /Poly Propylene blended blanket was developed by R & D Organisations and Manufacturing Units in Bangladesh and India to cater to the need of the middle income Group and rural poor people.  

Jute /Acrylic or Jute / Poly Propylene yarn is spun in jute spinning system or woolen spinning system and treated in alkali for migration of finer acrylic or PP fibres on the surface layers which yield better and smooth feel whereas jute provides adequate worm, desirable weight and act as filler and thereby provides worm values at much lower cost in comparison to woolen blanket.

Twill weaving with jute/acrylic yarn in weft, has some technical advantages in terms of feel and comfort and helps in better raising of acrylic or PP fibres from the jute blended yarn.

Commercial success depends upon right type of yarn, suitable width and type of loom / handloom, chemical processing and raising of woven cloth. Cost of chemical processing may be reduced in deserving cases to trade off cost and quality of the blanket.

Potential usages are in relief work, jails, and rural belts of cold region and for poor people of the region.

  List of Plant & Machinery :

  Name of the Machinery

1   Cheese Winder ( 20 Spdl.)
2   Waper (80")
3   Reeling Machine
4   Winch
5   Pirn Winding
6   Raising Machine
7   Loom (75")
8   Loom (60")
9   Hydro-extractor
10   Dryer
11   Boiler
12   Over lock Sewing Machine

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