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Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC)


Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC)



Adamjee Court (Annexe-l),

115-120, Motijheel Commercial Area,

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Telephone :   8802-955-8182 /6

8802-955-8192 / 6

Telex:   675662, 642224 BJMC BJ

Fax:      8802-956-4740, 8802-956-7508

email :


Head of Organization:

Chairman: Mr. Mohammad Muzibur Rahman


Chief of Marketing Division:

Director (Marketing): Mr. Mohammad Muzibur Rahman



Established as an autonomous body of the Government of Bangladesh on 26th March,1972 in pursuance to the Presidential Order # 27 of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.



Autonomous body of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.


Aims and Objectives:

The organization was established in order to take control of all the Jute Mills of Bangladesh immediately after its independence to resume production through a Centrally coordinated management as well as for their development for rational Utilization and consumption of the plentiful jute crop produced in the country to produce finished goods for export in the international market and thereby contribute in its socio-economic development.


Number of Enterprises :              Jute Mills        : 26

Non-Jute Mills  : 03

Carpet Factory : 03

              Total :32


Number of Workers / Employees :    56,104


Product Range:

a) Sacking Cloth

Width:22”-30”; Weight: 11-24 ozs.;Weaving: Plain and Twill; Colour: Natural; Packing: 500-1000 yds. / bale.

b) Sacking Bag

Sizes: As per requirement; Weight: Standard or light; Sewing: Overhead Dry Sewn, Overhead Tar sewn, Safety sewn (optional); Colour: Natural, Bleached; Branding: Upto 3 colour; Packing: 200-500 bags I bale (Flat or folded).

Some Standard Sacking Bags

Twill Bags:     A.Twill bag (44”x26.5” — 2.62 lbs.),

B.Twill Bag (44”x26.5” — 2.25 lbs.),

L.Twill Bag (44”x26.5” — 2.50 lbs),

Binola Bag (44”x26.5” — 2.00 lbs.),

Corn Sack (41”x31”— 1.75 to 2.15 lbs.),

Cement Bag (29”x20” — 1.25 lbs.),

Coffee Bag (40”x26” — 2.00 lbs.),

Grain Sack 60”x30” — 3.25 lbs.),

Sugar Bag (48”x28” — 2.50 lbs.).

Double Warp Bags:

Heavycees (40”x28” — 2.25 lbs.),

Lightcees (40”x20” — 2.00 lbs.),

D.W. Flour Bag 58”x28” — 2.25 lbs.),

D.W Salt Bag (45”x26.5” — 1.75 lbs.),

D.W Nitrate Bag (35”x26” — 1.25 lbs.).

a) Hessian Cloth

Width: 22” to 80”, Weight:5 to 14 ozs.Isq.yd., Colour: Natural, Semi-brite, FuH-brite, Bleached and Dyed; Packing: 700 — 2000 yds / bale or in roll.

b) Hessian Bag

Sizes: Available as per buyer’s requirement; Sewing: Herackle and Overhead (safety sewing optional); Colour: Natural, Semi-brite, Full-brite, Bleached, Dyed; Branding: upto 3 colour; Packing: 500-1000 bags flat or folded per bale.

c) Some Standard Bags

Australian Bran Bag, Fertilizer Bag, Japanese Rice Bag, Onion Pocket, Potato Bag, Shopping Bag ete.

Carpet (Secondary) Backing Cloth (CBC)

Width: 47”— 203”; Weight: 5.5 —9.0 ozs./sq.yd.; Packing: 500 — 1000 yds. I roll.

Jute Yarn and Twine

Quality: CB, Hessian and Sacking; Ply: 1 — 3; Count:8 — 20 lbs.; packing: Precision / Mackroll in hank.

Wall Covering Cloth

Width: 40” — 145”; Weight: 8 — 10.5 ozs.; Packing: 300 — 1000 yds./ roll.

Wool Pack

Qualities: Standard wool pack, Australian New Improved Wool Pack, New Zealand Wool Pack, Mini-Wool Pack, Coffin Type Wool Pack; Packing: 25 — 50 packs / bale.

Tarpaulin and Canvas Cloth

Width: 36”- 45”; Weight: 14 - 20 ozs.; Porter & Shots: Tarpaulin l0xl0, Canvas 14x14, packing: 1000 yds. /bale.

Jute Soil Erosion Control Fabric

Width: 1.22 m; Weight: 610 gms. / m; Warp: 6.5 ends /10cm.; Weft: 4.5 ends /10 cm.; Packing: 600—900 m/bale.

Jute felt

Types: Single sided (SS) & Double Sided (DS) needle punched felt; Width: 54”; Thickness: ” & 3/8”; packing: 25 yds. / roll.

Rot Proof Fabric and Bag

Normal Jute Fabric and Bag treated with anti — rot chemicals to impart extra longevity for use in adverse conditions.

Scrim Cloth

Width: 27”— 80”; weight: 5—20 ozs./ sq. yd.; Packing: 1000 —2000 yds. / roll.

Jute Mat

Width: 3 feet, Length: 150 feet; Quality; Plain & Design; Weight: 2.25 — 2.50 lbs. / yd.; Packing: 150 feet / roll; Use: Both side.

Jute carpet

Made from 100 % natural fiber, jute carpets are free from static electricity and pollution. They are fire retardant, easy to maintain, acoustically suitable and aesthetically a thing of beauty, yet they are competitive in terms of price compared to its woolen and synthetics varieties. BJMC produces and supply Jute Carpet branded as Golden Tiger Carpet and Amin Carpet.

Jute Diversified Products

Various types of jute and jute blended products for household and furnishing uses.



Annual Production                  : 0.225 Million Metric Ton

Annual Export                        : 0.210 Million Metric Ton

Annual Export Earning            : US$ 100 Million

Markets                                 : Over 100 countries all over the world.

Market Share                          : Appx. 33% of the world demand.


How to buy BJMC Products:

The buying procedure of BJMC is quite simple. The intending buyer only needs to do the followings:

Enquiry: At this stage the intending buyer needs to contact BJMC by Fax I Telex I email etc. as under:

a)  If the product is known to the buyer: Product specification, Quantity, Shipment time, Destination and special instruction on packing, if any.

b)  If the product is unknown to the buyer:

Nature and field of end-uses of the product, quantity, shipment time, destination etc. to enable BJMC to specify the best nearest product to serve buyers need.

Offer: Upon getting enquiry from the buyer, BJMC on the basis of availability, almost immediately will extend offer quoting price and other business particulars for buyer’s response and confirmation within 48 to 72 hours.

Acceptance: On receipt of buyer’s confirmation, BJMC will finally accept the deal for production and shipment on receipt of Letter of Credit and / or other negotiable instrument as decided on by both the parties.

Establishment of Negotiable Instrument: BJMC requires to receive well in time Clean and Workable Irrevocable Letter of Credit established through any First Class International Bank. The terms and condition of the L/C must be laid in accordance with the Terms of Offer and Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit of International Chamber and Commerce.

Usually BJMC provides guideline to the buyer in line with the Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank of Bangladesh) Exchange Control Regulation in establishing L/C to avoid unnecessary amendments and thereby killing time causing delay in shipment of goods.

BJMC prefers having the UC in hand:

a)  Within 7 days from the date of acceptance of the deal if the goods are to be shipped in 30 days of conclusion of sale;

b)  Within 30 days prior to the shipment month if the goods are to be shipped against forward sale.

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